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Touch is necessary to human well-being. Caring touch from the various forms of massage is especially effective in providing emotional & health benefits to those who receive them.

"Incredible. I have barely a sensation of discomfort. No spasms. You're a magician of muscle and relaxation."---Susan, visiting from Brooklyn low back pain

"Michael's touch is unique." Peter, full body massage

  • My massage style is intended to bring you relaxation and relief in a manner that will not leave you with more aches than when you came to me. In addition to providing deep relaxation, my massages have proven effective in reducing the symptoms from:
    • neck and shoulder tension
    • mid & low-back pain
    • arm & hand aches such as from carpal tunnel or other repetative stress
    • tired, sore feet (clients report beneficial effects for whole body from my foot rubs as well)

BODY: Most people consider a full body massage to be the gold standard for bliss. I hardly need describe the experience -- other than to say my super power is deep relaxation and that I believe in providing a thoroughly enjoyable massage that is primarily focused on stress reduction. My intent is always to provide a skillful touch that will leave your body feeling cared for and respected. Just slip under the light linens loosely draped over my heated table and an hour of caring attention to your astoundingly well-serving body will ensue - it has brought you so far in life! I use a non-greasy body gel to provide a pleasing glide to my long smooth soothing strokes that vary from light to medium pressure.

FEET: I began offering my "focus on feet" as an especially enjoyable yet safety-minded way to introduce my talents as we transition through this stage of the pandemic. Many clients who tried my foot massage in recent weeks have been pleasantly surprised at how satisfying it is. And it's not just a lady thing, but hard working men like contractors and safety officers have discovered this. As one man put it "i'm going to be working on my pins my whole life, might as well treat 'em right". Another plus...foot massage is a shorter session and easier on the wallet. The massage begins with a soak in warm water enhanced with a few drops of essential oils chosen from my selection or perhaps you've brought your favorite. Breath in the aroma and this interaval of well-deserved self-care for these precious areas of your body is already underway!

"Everyone who gets out of that chair is smiling!" ---fellow farmers market vendor observation

Chair massage is ideally suited to provide an interval of refreshment during a hectic day. The massage takes place on a specially designed chair. The massage is done while clothed. No oils are used.The main areas of the body addressed are the neck, shoulders, back & arms...classic tension spots induced by many forms of activity at home or work.

The massage strokes used can be tailored to leave you relaxed and ready to end your day, or refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day's challenges. Perhaps most amazing of all is that a small commitment of time can lead to dramatic benefits. Studies show that as little as ten minutes of chair massage can provide relief from many stresses. The recommended ideal session time is 15-20 minutes, however.

Couples Sessions with Tutorial

I also offer couples massage that includes tips & demonstrations of basic massage strokes so that you and your partner can continue to enjoy the benefits of caring touch when you return home. These sessions offer the unique experience of 4-handed massage as your partner works along with me to provide an extraordinary level of sensation and attention to your body.