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Testimonials for Mobile Massage

"I had strained my back and was in serious pain for a few days. Michael's massage was careful, soothing and thorough, and I could feel my whole body begin to realign. I felt restored, renewed and relaxed, and the relief was dramatic enough that I was able to put in a days work the next day. I have had many massages over the years and this was the first time afterwards I felt aglow! Michael's touch is unique. I invited him back for a shorter follow up session to continue speeding my recovery." ---Peter A., Westminster West, VT

"I had no idea what I was missing - you simply must try a foot massage by Michael!" ---Katherine, Westminster, VT

"Incredible. I have barely a sensation of discomfort. No spasms. You're a magician of muscle and relaxation."---Susan, visiting from Brooklyn low back pain.

"Michael was prompt and professional in arranging my appointment. I enjoy a light touch. Michael checked in throughout the massage to assure my comfort. The result was a thoroughly enjoyable massage just to my liking. I can recommend him." John, Woodstock, VT

Everyone who gets out of that chair is smiling. I'm so jealous because i don't have time for a massage today." ---fellow farmer's market vendor

"Michael creates a very relaxing, respectful, and enjoyable massage. And he does house calls! Would highly recommend him."---Betsy Williams, Westminster West

"The best 15 minutes of my day!"---chair massage comment

"Your touch was light yet got down deep into my body and was effective." ---chair massage comment

"My right arm had been hurting for some time so much so that I couldn't even straighten it. A hand and arm massage by Michael found all the sore spots. His touch provided what I call "a good hurt" - that is, not harmful but healing. My hand and arm felt much better and even more suprising, I could straighten it fully right away!" ---Andra, Marlboro, VT

"I really didn't expect much from ten minutes in the chair but you actually made me feel better and here I am back again!"--- chair massage comment

"So relaxing. I almost fell asleep." ---chair massage comment

"When i asked Michael for ten minutes in the chair to work on my neck, I had very limited mobility. When I got up, I could move my neck side to side with ease." ---client at market

"Because I'm not dealing with serious repetitive injury to my hands or wrists, I wasn't seeking pain relief. Rather, I wanted a massage to help me maintain good health and address any issues before they became big problems. So the benefits were subtle but valuable. The calm, friendly environment you created with the water warm-up, preliminary questions, and gentle touch helped me immerse myself completely in the experience and gain the full mind/body benefits of the massage. I was definitely breathing slower and feeling more calm as I returned to work. I was even aware of my overall posture and felt alert but relaxed. It was amazing how the attention to my hands and wrists affected my whole sense of well-being." ---Jeanne, Brattleboro